1 - Term of payament for purchases:

The buyer payment term will have a maximum period of 7 days after your order request.

After 7 days, without justifying the reasons for the delay, the order will be cancelled.

2 - Forms of payment:

IN HAND: The delivery of the order, coming to our shop.



BANK TRANSFER:  by making a transfer in one of these acounts:                                                                                                                                

LA CAIXA: IBAN ES81 2100 0860 95 0200407590 BIC: CAIXESBBXXX  


          Beneficiary: LUIS DEL TARRE

 3 - Forms of delivery: Free delivery up to 200€ shipping


Certified letter (up to 50 g) : 4,25 €

Certified letter (51g up to 100g) : 4,70 €

Certified letter (101 up to 500g): 5,95 €

Certified letter (501g up to 1.000g): 8,60 €

Certified letter (1.001g up to 2.000g): 9,05 €

Standar Package 48/72h: (1.001g up to 5.000g) : 12,60 €

Premium Package 24/48h (1.001g a 5.000g): 14,00 

       "          "              "       (5.000g up to 10.000g): 18,20 €

    Europe:                                           REST OF COUNTRIES:

Certified letter (up to 50 g):            6,10€ ................................. 6,70€

Certified letter (51g up to 100g):    6,90€ ................................  8,30€

Certified letter ( 101g up to 500g): 11,10€ ............................... 14,75€

Certified letter (501g up to 1000g): 17,50€ ............................... 25,85€

Certified letter (1001g up to 2000g): 25,40€ .............................. 30,20€

International   Package (de 2.001g a 3.000g): 31,70€ ............ 39,00€  

                   "           "       (de 3.001g a 4.000g): .......................... 48,00€

                    "           "       (de 3.001g a 5.000g):  37,00€   

                     "           "      (de 4.001g a 5.000g): .......................... 50,00€

                     "           "       (de 5.001g a 8.000g):  45,50€  ............ 56,00€   


4-   Autentic/Guarantee certificates:

At the request of the customer, and with its expense, I offer the following guarantee Certificates to choose: COMEX (Committee of Experts in Barcelona), CEM (Commission of Experts in Madrid) or GRAUS (Certified Graus)

VAT : Delivery subject to the Reg. Special items used (Art. 138. Law 42/94 and Art.51R.D. 207/9.


RIGHT of Cancellation and return policy:

Information to the user about the user DESISTIMIENT OEl has 7 to 14 calendar days from the effective delivery of products through the purchase of the product for the exercise of the right of cancellation and refund. For explanatory purposes, is hereby stated that the period of 14 calendar days apply for those purchases made June 13, 2014. To exercise the right of withdrawal or cancellation, the user must notify its decision to cancellation and return from the purchase through a clear statement (for example, a letter sent by postal mail, fax or email. To meet the devolution deadline, just that the communication concerning the exercise of this right by the user is sent to before the expiration of the relevant period. Once the period of 14 calendar days provided legally, returns will not be accepted for withdrawal of purchases or orders.

For the purpose of improving the quality of our services, we propose to the user to indicate us what is the reason for return.

Philately Luis de el Tarré will not accept returns if the product is not returned in perfect condition, if the product packaging are not in perfect condition. The packing of the product must be protected in such a way that is received in perfect condition.

All returns must be authorized by the Luis del Tarre philately. So the customer shall request Filatélia Luis del Tarré by email to the return authorization, indicating the reason for the return and the number of order / invoice.

Exceptions: the user is not entitled to return in the cases established in the regulations that is application and, in particular, in the following supouse:

1. the supply of products that can be deteriorarse.

2.El sealed products that are not suitable to be returned for hygiene reasons, and that have been unsealed after delivery by the usuario.

3.El supply product after its delivery and taking into account its nature will have mixed in inseparable way with other goods.

•Consequents of the cancellation: in cases of cancellation of purchase made within the period of 14 calendar days legally planned (for those purchases from on June 13, 2014), the repayment of the amount corresponding to the product shall be carried out through the means of payment used at the time of the purchase, giving rise to a refund equal to the full amount of the purchaseincluded in this amount initial shipping costs paid by the user.

The costs of return of the goods shall be borne by the user.

Philately Luis de el Tarré not accept any return of goods until order has not been duly given to the user. Likewise, Filatélia Luis del Tarré would not proceed to the refund nor will any forwarding of products until not to check the reception and the condition of the product.In the case of having signed a contract of optional insurance via the Web site, registered user shall be entitled to cancel the contract of insurance within the deadline prescribed in law 22/2007, of July 11, on distance marketing of financial services to consumers.


On the occasion of the entry into force on 25 May 2018 of the General Rules of the European data protection, Philately Luis del Tarre reveals the present policy with regard to the processing and protection of personal data in compliance with this obligation and informs you of the following:

Who is responsible for the treatment?

Philately LUIS DEL TARRE - Luis del Tarre Hernansaez (46234134v) with registered office in Paseo Bonanova, 63, 08017 Barcelona (Spain).

For what purpose will be used your personal data?

Derived from the services and purchases made in the shop and orders placed on our web site, Philately Luis del Tarre will continue their personal data only with the goal of being able to meet the commitments that have been acquired by you as a result of such service or purchase. We inform you that your personal data will not be used for a purpose other than the purpose of which was to be carried out and, in the event that the same contactariamos was modified, with you with the aim to inform you and obtain your consent. Philately Luis del Tarre informs you that he will proceed to treat the data in a lawful, fair, transparent, adequate, relevant, limited, accurate and up-to-date. That is why we commit ourselves to taking all reasonable steps to ensure that these are deleted or corrected without delay when they are inaccurate. The treatment of your data starts at the time that you formalizes the enrollment and registration to any service offered by Philately Luis del Tarre.

What rights you have as a user?

You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, limitation of treatment, suppression, portability, and opposition to the processing of their personal data as well as remove the consent given in advance without affecting the lawfulness of the treatment of the same, directing your request to the address indicated for PHILATELY LUIS DEL TARRE, email In order to comply with your request we will require that your request be accompanied by a copy of your passport or equivalent document certifying his identity.

In the same way, if deemed to philately LUIS DEL TARRE has not dealt with your personal data in accordance with the legislation in force, you can contact us in the same way mentioned in the previous paragraph. However, you also have the option to submit a complaint to the competent authority in the field of data protection (for example, the Spanish Data Protection Agency).